Youth Obedience to Gangs

Topics: Stanford prison experiment, Milgram experiment, Philip Zimbardo Pages: 4 (1253 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Alex Trujillo
Professor Foth
English 1A.4
October 3rd 2011
The Experiment
In our society we are prone to obey to our authority in order to follow through our obedience because of the rolls we take.

In both Stanley Milgram and Phillip Zimbardo’s experiment, “The Perils of Obedience” and “The Stanford Prison Experiment”, many people have a brighter understanding about how human behavior can be cause by authorities. They had different structures of how to do their own experiment and both had a reason to do their experiments and to find out the final result that can change their views. Their experiments mainly focus in the findings of real life psychological situations that in many cases a lot of people do not realize it. By using their own procedures in a psychological laboratory and a made up prison, both conclude that human’s behavior and obedience act upon the environment.

Milgram and Zimbardo had different objectives in their experiment. Milgram stated that his objective was : “The point of this experiment is to see how far a person will proceed in a concrete and measurable situation in which he is ordered to inflict increasing pain on a protesting victim” (Milgram 360). In his experiment he uses the power of authority in order to observe how the volunteer obeys his rules that the experimenter gives and how far will it take the volunteer to stop what he or she is doing to the other person. On the other

hand, Zimbardo’s objective was quite different in the sense that his main point was about how people take on roles, especially in prisons. His experiment used volunteers as well, and each of them took roles of being either a prisoner or a guard. He stated that everyone that takes up on roles forget their identities and once they do, they change the way they think and act: “ It was remarkable how readily we all slipped into our roles, temporarily gave up on our identities, and allowed these...
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