Youth Migration: the Nigerian Experience

Topics: Nigeria, Politics of Nigeria, President of Nigeria Pages: 10 (3957 words) Published: June 13, 2011

Nigeria, one of the less developed countries of the world and the purported giant of Africa, is no doubt having enormous challenges becoming a developed country. It is faced with the problem of bad roads, which is the major cause of death in the country. It is not going anywhere with the various self-centered policies made by the legislators. Religious and ethnic crises have plagued the country worse than the historic religious times of Egypt. Our educational system is nothing to write talk about and generally life is quite difficult. This is not to batter my motherland but to tell you the situation of things in this great country, Nigeria. Youths make up more than fifty percent of the population of this country and yet they have, to a large extent, no contribution to the policies and affairs of this nation even of those concerning them as youths. Each year, the universities churn out students who do not have the requisite knowledge needed to occupy vacant positions in the country hence most remain unemployed. To solve this problem plaguing them as youths, they resort to move across the borders of the country to look for greener pastures hence the problem of youth migration comes in. Youth migration has for decades been an issue to grapple with and has become a rather disturbing issue in present times as it affects all spheres of a nation’s development. Nigeria is not left out of this problem as she has had her fair share of the resultant effects of youths leaving the shores of the country in search of a better life and standard of living. Before I delve into the challenges and opportunities of youth migration, I would like to mention some of the reasons why people, especially the youths, move or better still migrate to other countries. In looking at the reasons why youths migrate, the following readily suffice:

EDUCATION: Education is very important in the life of any individual and especially the youths. In this regard and knowing Nigeria to be a highly certificate dependent country, having the necessary crucial and the more quality your certificate is perceived to have, the more likely you are to get a good job. Now Nigeria’s educational system is in shambles, you can have an Electrical Engineering graduate that cannot tell the difference between a red and green wire or a graduate of Accounting that does not know what it takes to balance an account, the situation is quite pathetic. In view of this and the need to not just have the certificate but also have the knowledge that goes with it, some Nigerian youths look for admission into foreign universities with the hope of good quality education, which these foreign universities are known to provide.

Recently, my younger sister was offered a scholarship by the Rivers State Government to study abroad. From the number of people that came for the aptitude test, one can see that most Nigerian youths are looking for a way of moving out of the country to better their lives. To achieve their aim, they look for Government grants/scholarships to help them further their studies abroad. The policy makers, rather than ensure that the right infrastructures are put in place for good quality education in the country, loot our money and use it to send their kids to the best private schools abroad rather than improve the standard of education in the country.

BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE: By better quality of life I mean having those things that youths in developed countries have, enjoying the things they enjoy and generally living a full life. It is an open secret that Nigeria is not a technologically developed country and therefore can not provide its teeming population of youths with the requisite cutting-edge technology made available to youths in developed countries. Hence, most youths, especially the financially advantaged ones, take it upon themselves to go to places where these technologies will be made available to them, thereby...
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