Youth Mental Health

Topics: Youth, Suicide, Want Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: May 8, 2013
* Good morning members of the Vic Parliament* Ben Scott, Youth Psychologist, country town Swan Hill* Unfortunately SH is notorious for its overwhelming statistics- Teen Preg, STI’s, Self Harm, Suicide| * Issue is a complex topic* Branches into many areas- B Drinking, Sub Abuse, Self Harm, Relationship breakups, Bullying, Depression, Suicide* Areas 58% of every teenager experience* But this morning, Parliamentarians, I would like to address in particular the chronic area of stipulating mote psychological and social support for Youth| * Over several years of working in profession * Number of youth come to my office wanting something* Desire the need to be heard * Have someone who will listen * Point them in a positive direction| * I want to be the person in SH who can offer support* The one who can proudly say: * “I saved that kids life, I rescued her out of depression”* But the fact is L and G, I cannot do this by myself* I plead for you to get beside me and help save lives* We need some more physical resources such as:- Bigger offices and more staff.| * Introduce story of Aaron * Visited me regularly, Lived next door* From the day I met Aaron at age 12, I knew he would go somewhere * Positive, Spoke well, Mature beyond his years* Saw a lot of Aaron, Good kid- Loved his sports, footy imparticular.* Age 15, Parents split up* Continued to go to school, pursue Physiotherapy* Days progressed- Passion for school and sports died* Often would say he was lonely- Missed the hero in his life| * I can see in the lives of 15-16 that they have very little * Look to have it all together * Hurting on the inside* Why would a teenage girl wear so much makeup if she were confident in herself?* Why would a teenage boy act tough and something gets said, backslide away?| * Often patterns between struggling kids lacking confidence or motivation* Often a parent left at young age * Work life out by themselves * HALF a support network at home* Statistics of...
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