Youth Life in Afghanistan

Topics: Afghanistan, Taliban, English language Pages: 4 (1377 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Essay:Sirat Ahmad Khalid
Date: 22/Jan/2013
For University Entrance at American University of Afghanistan

I always remember the first time I was slapped in my right check in class 1 since my homework was not done by me. But that was misunderstood I actually did my homework it was so clean and artily written that the teacher misjudged me. I found life so tough and challengeable even in my honesty and perfection since childhood. I had to prepare myself for the ups and downs of life, especially in field of Learning and Education in a country called Afghanistan.

I was so in love of Learning that in class 3 I started to learn English so I was really and impatiently looking to learn a foreign language, especially The English Language. But when I started to learn English it was so tough and challengeable because none of my family members knew English. I was the first person to learn a foreign language in the family, with very little educational and economical resources.

As a little boy growing up in a prejudiced environment of Kabul and the Taliban regime, I was appearing to be a shame for the family and surroundings for shifting myself from Islam and Afghan Cultural studies to a Modernized Western human who puts no values to Islam and the Afghan culture instead studying English something that no one needs it in my country, that was what other people were thinking so. However, the Taliban planted these mindsets but the most painful predicament was it’s widening among people. Unfortunately, not only the Taliban were thinking wrong so did the people.

The dimness of hope at that moment of time was so strong and effective on believe of the people that altered the timeworn believes of people which were the heritage of their ancestors. People were teasing me differently with their own internal black believes. Some were joshing me for learning so called a non-Muslim Language, and some were teasing me why I am not gaining religious education instead. And...
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