Youth Justice Procedure

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Young Offender Programs 
Two young offender centres located in Edmonton and Calgary, house open custody, secure custody and remand status young offenders.  Shunda Creek Youth Correctional Camp provides work programs for selected young offenders with open custody status.  A number of privately operated group homes under contract to the Correctional Services Division also house open custody young offenders. The Young Offender Branch Custody Program promotes positive behaviour change in the young offender in custody, while preparing the young person for reintegration to the community.   Casework|  Recreational Programming|

 Educational/Day Programs|  Referral and Placement|
 Library|  Reintegration Leave Program|
 Life Skills Programs|  Community Based Open Custody Programs|  Medical and Mental Health Services|  Aboriginal Programs|  Offender Work Programs |  |

A youth worker is assigned to each young offender in custody.  Upon placement, consideration is given to problem areas a young offender will need to work on prior to returning to the community.  Individual needs are identified and summarized in a case plan.  Referrals are then made to school programs or other in house resources, group counselling, chaplaincy, or community resources to assist the young offender in meeting identified needs.  The intent is to address issues which may have contributed to the offender's illegal behaviour and thereby facilitate the successful reintegration into the community. Educational/Day Programs

Educational and day programs are offered to meet academic and instructional needs.  All young offenders in custody under the age of 16 are required to attend school.  School programs are offered through a three-way contract between Alberta Learning, Alberta Solicitor General and a local school board or educational institution.  School programs provide for small classes with attention to individual needs and offer a full range of programs from elementary to high school, including remedial courses. Library

Library services are maintained at all young offender centres to provide educational, cultural, leisure and informational resources.  Young offenders are encouraged to access the library on a regular basis. Life Skills Programs

Life skills programs are designed to teach young offenders skills that improve their developmental abilities, which enable them to make more responsible decisions and allow them to successfully reintegrate back into the community.  A wide range of topics are covered including stress management, relationships, decision making, family violence, budgeting/banking, nutrition, job skills/job readiness, cooking, health, clothing care and AIDS awareness. Medical and Mental Health Services

Medical and mental health services are provided to all young offenders in correctional centres.  These services include nursing, medical, dental, psychological and psychiatric care. Referrals are made to community resources where appropriate.  Counselling programs include individual and group counselling as well as referrals to in-centre and community professional resources. These resources very from centre to centre but can include:  Sex offender treatment |  Addictions|

 Anger management|  Intervention program|
 Transition program|  Self-esteem|
 Healthy relationships|  Sexuality|
 Distress|  Trauma|
 Suicide|  Sexual and physical abuse|
 Life skills|  Parenting|
 Behaviour adaptation unit|  Mental health program|
 Separation and loss|  Victim to survivor|
 Family counselling|  Mentoring |
In addition, Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, the Alberta Provincial Forensic Psychiatry Program and other agencies provide programs within centres, some of which are continued in the community upon release. Offender Work Programs

Offender work programs provide an opportunity to develop practical employment skills.  In centre placements include assisting in...
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