Youth Involvement in Church

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This descriptive study sought to determine the reasons for involvement of the youth in Sunday services and youth fellowships in Day By Day Christian Church in Muntinlupa. The findings indicate that the respondents find the sermon of the pastor encouraging and inspiring, and that is the primary reason for their Sunday service involvement. Most of the respondents attend the youth fellowship because ‘they want to know God more through Bible study’.

Problem Statement:

The aim of the research is to find out the reasons why young people choose to involve themselves in Day By Day Christian Church in Muntinlupa City. To attain this main objective, the research hopes to provide answers to these specific questions: 1. What are the perceptions of the youth towards particular church activities for the youth? a. In Sunday worship service

b. in youth fellowships
2. From their perceptions, what are the underlying reasons that draw them towards church involvement in these activities? 3. Are these reasons congruent to the stated objectives for which these activities are intended?

The Pearl of the Orient, Philippines, has been known as the only Christian country in Asia. It is a land of very young people. The Philippine Commission on Population (2003) released a study documenting the current situation of young people in the Philippines. Individuals who are between 15 and 25 years old are considered as youth by the PCP report. For this paper, such a classification will be followed. In the 2000 Philippine census, there are 15.1 million youth out of 76.5 million Filipinos. This represents 20% of the total population. These findings are the basis for the church’s concern and emphasis on the youth. Given their large share in the Filipino population, the youth increasingly play a large role in the development of the society. Members of this age group would eventually assume the responsibilities of the future generations. The kind of society that we will have in the future depends on the youth of today. That is why Dr. Jose Rizal said that “the youth is the hope of the nation.” In Pope John Paul II’s speech during the 1995 World Youth Day, he shared his high hopes for the youth of this nation when he said, “Dear young people of the Philippines, of Asia, of the Far East and of the entire world: Be a sign of hope for the church, for your countries and for all humanity! May your light spread out from Manila to the farthest comers of the world, like the "great light" which shone in the night at Bethlehem. Be sons and daughters of the light! (Pope John Paul II, 10th World Youth Day, January 15, 1995. (nd)

The youth being a sign of hope for the church, country and humanity is the desire of every priest, pastor or any religious leader. Not only does the youth need to be a sign of hope and light, they also need to be a sign of life in the church. Youth is a time in one’s life wherein there is a lot of energy. A church wherein there is a lot of involvement of the youth is a church that is full of life. In one of Pope Benedict XVI message in the Vatican, he mentioned a metaphor of a plant that grows firm on a foundation of strong roots. He asked youth in his message for World Youth Day 2011 to strengthen their faith to counter the influence of secular society. The presence of youth, he wrote, "renews, rejuvenates and gives new energy to the Church." The Church, he wrote, is depending on youth of the world. "She needs your lively faith, your creative charity and the energy of your hope." "Your presence renews, rejuvenates and gives new energy to the Church. (Catholic News Agency 2011) But there seem to be a growing number of youth that are uninterested towards the church. There has been a growing interest of the youth toward surfing the internet. According to researchers with the National Study of Youth and Religion, the vast majority of teens,...
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