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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Emily Downing
English III (Honors) p. 5
October 7, 2012
Mr. Dicus
Are the Kids Really Alright?
“GROW UP?!” said Peter Pan. “I’ll never grow up!” (Peter Pan The Movie). J.M. Barrie’s story about the boy who wouldn’t grow up, depicts a boy who does not want to have the harsh life that consists of growing old and having responsibilities. Peter Pan is a boy who goes away to Neverland to live with the Lost Boys, fairies, and other mythical creatures. While in Neverland Peter shows Wendy and her brothers the beauty of having no responsibilities and never having to grow up. Even a Disney movie like Peter Pan can tell one that growing up is a hard task to do. But so are numerous things in life, and maybe Peter should have realized this. The world is a pretty vicious place now a days, and if the younger generations don’t learn to man up (literally) the nation could potentially be in serious trouble. Although children are exposed to far more now a days then in previous generations, growing up and maturing seems to be a considerably larger problem then ever. Younger generations, not having a problem with their easy going lives, do not realize how crucial it is that they learn responsibility. Parents on the other hand, who are directly effected by the carelessness, are ready for their children to grow up.

The other side of the argument states that kids are growing up too fast. One of the contributors to the fast pace speed of childhood is said to be the media.Nowadays, "programs aimed at my daughter feature kids twice her age," complains Lisa Rinkus, of Newton, Massachusetts, mom of 9-year-old Elizabeth. "There's stuff like Wizards of Waverly Place, where girls dress up and go on dates." (Girls Growing Up Too Fast, Deborah Swaney). Everything surrounding children glorifies being older. Clothes that are no were near age appropriate are advertised as the “newest trends”, Music with suggestive themes make the life of elders seem more exhilarating, and TV shows give...
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