Youth, Digital Media and Their Roles in Social Changes

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New Media And Youth
Every day, a story runs in the news media that relates to teenagers and the internet or social networking or digital media. There are many stories –one of them for example- about sexual predators tracking down teen users through social networking site, or tons of stories about personal disclosure. Whatever, there no many stories explained about young people using new digital media for good. The media itself, sometimes, gave many stories that prey on their audience’s fears about the present of new digital technology. Reporters often intentionally mislead audiences about youth and digital technology. They aren’t published complete stories that give the full nuances of what is going on. Unfortunately, now days teens perceived couldn’t become active producers of media just a passive receptacles of it, or at least in most of the examples, as a victims of it. It is really that bad? Research Perspective

This paper analysis focuses on the youth possibility participatory in social changes in relation to new digital media uses. Underlining the short film/video –made by HDSLR, which uploaded in Youtube link on youth internet sites (website, blog or social networking site), the paper talking about three perspective which are the internet sites uses, short film/video made by HDSLR, and social changes. The social change it self looked from the intercultural communication perspective. Many stories told about some youth who perform remarkably sophisticated because they were facilitated by the internet. The result of course different for some teens; new media given the individual variations effect. Many of them, just because of the concept of ‘adolescence’ it self whose less defined by a fixed chronological age and operates more as a textual referent for that stage where abstract thinking emerges, identities are being tested, and peer relationship are of paramount importance, brought different understanding to lead variations result in youth. Uniquely, although the result shows different, new media it is develop youth creativity, participatory cultures, artistic expression and strong support for creating and sharing creation. This paper considers on how youth are impacted by the affordances the new digital media offer, and how these new values and beliefs leads into new social changes.

Research Methodology
The study literature methodology used to exploring question about how youth are changing today, as a result of broad social and cultural changes, including the advent of new digital media. This body of work focuses primarily, upon digital tools exploring –specially short film/video format -made by HDSLR, as they manifest in an individual’s achievement of the uses of new media, such as Internet web site, blog and social networking sites, using Youtube link and how their participatory in social changes. Throughout this paper, we focus primarily, on young people. We apply the terms ‘teen’, ‘adolescent’ and ‘youth’ to distinguish among subtle points of development. The terms ‘teen’ and ‘adolescent’ refer to someone who is more experienced, capable of abstract thought and wrestling with a host of emotional, social and physical development challenges. Such as youngsters are typically 15 years of age or older. The term ‘youth’ refers to a generation in the liminal space between childhood and adult, represent one era.

Undeniable, now teen culture is permeated with technology. There's no way could talk to a teenager without talking about social networking or digital technology. So it's just this huge, how the Internet and the digital world now it's something...
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