Youth Crime

Topics: Crime, Sociology, Criminology Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Nowadays, youth crimes are getting serious in our society which involves both male and female youngster. Youth crime consists of shoplifting, gangsterism, drug or alcohol abuse, sometimes even involved in rape case. All of these cases brought negative effects to our society, everyone might have the chance to become their target and get into danger. However, everything happened with a reason. Youth crimes occurred due to numerous reasons such as inadequate parenting or disrupted family bonds, not enough of money to spend, exposure to violence and so on. Family’s problem is always the main reason for youngsters to get into crime activities. Living in a dysfunctional family which means with existing of conflicts as well as lack of love and concern from parents or siblings make them feel abandoned hence leads them to run away from home and end up get to know bad friends and started to have bad behavior. Besides, exposure to violence or other trauma also contributes in youth crime. Youngster might get affected via violence movies or even from people surrounding them in their society. They might get involved with gangsterism activities such as bully and rob people who are walking alone on the street. In certain serious cases, they even involved in rape case when instigated by bad friends. Additionally, youngsters are easily comprised with drug and alcohol abuse once they involved in gangsterism. Some youngster involved in crime activities because of their gang. Some involved in shoplifting as well. For example, their friends always show good and branded stuff to them which they do not afford to buy at all. Hence, they started to get bad idea to steal something in order to get money and buy branded stuff so that they will not feel self-abased in front of their friends. However, there are solutions to prevent and keep youngsters away from crime. Family and friends should advice and introduce some prevention programmes to them. Normally these programmes could be found in...
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