Youth and Globalization

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  • Published: October 13, 2008
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In the recent twelve years, China actively participates in globalization, especially the economic globalization, which has obviously affected many aspects of Chinese youth’s life, such as youth migration, youth employment, youth culture, youth consumption and so on. The profound influence of globalization on youth is determined by the characteristics of both globalization and youth.

1.1What is globalization?
A Google search under the key word "globalization" yields more than 1.6 million hits — ample proof that both interest and definitions abound. From my perspective as an economist, globalization means a process of increasing international division of labor and the accompanying integration of national economies through trade in goods and services, cross-border corporate investments, and financial flows. This integration is boosted by technological progress, in particular in transport and communications. However, there is more to globalization than mere economics: globalization also means the free exchange of thoughts and ideas, and greater mobility of people. This is not something that is imposed upon us, but the result of forces for change that are deeply rooted in human nature: the drive for freedom and a better life, for new discoveries, and for a broader horizon

1.1.1A brief history
Globalization is not a recent phenomenon. Even in the pre-Google days humans were reaching out for new frontiers. Back in the 11th century the Venetian Republic was an early force in globalization. The age of the Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch voyages of discovery gave further impetus to global integration through rapid advances in maritime technology. The discovery of electricity, the expansion of the railways, and the gold standard in the period from the mid-19th century to 1914 brought about an enormous increase in trade and financial integration. However, it is important to remember that this great wave of economic integration was interrupted in the...
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