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Section A A1. Rich Picture


A2. A2.1 Key Actors
Currently, end-users are not happy with the information system development function because their requirements are not met. End-users are expecting robust, flexible and user friendly system. Many systems developed by the I.T department are mission-critical. Since the IT systems are not meeting the user requirements, they overload the company’s ability to function correctly. Meeting the requirements of end-users is one of the important factors that the organization needs to consider carefully.

The merger of Clean Brite Company (CBC) and Scrubaway Allbright Ltd (SAL) results in streamlining operations. It also results in workforce reducing. However, the merger also introduces employee dissatisfaction and insecurity. Since the employees are not happy with the situation, their performances are degraded.

IT Staff
Previously, I.T department have staff experienced in variety of programming techniques. However, the management decided not to recruit additional staff for the IT department. Instead, two contractors are employed for the IT development. IT department employees are not satisfied with the use of external contractors and made a lot of resignations resulting in skills shortage problem in IT department.

Business Analyst
The business analyst is not gaining proper credit from the rest of the organization. The business analyst proposed that the problem domain needs to be analyzed carefully. He suggests that user requirements need carefully analysis and documentation. Without fulfilling these requirements, the IT development is unlikely to be success.


A2.2 Key Issues
Integration of Two different organizational cultures
Since it is the combination of two different organizations, two different organizational cultures can be found as a result of fusion. Having two different organizational cultures is the major setback for the company. Since every organization has its own cultures it is very difficult to integrate these two different cultures. Integration two different organizational cultures is the top priority thing CBC needs to do in order to stay in the business.

Problem with Information System Development
Currently, most of the major problems lie with the I.T department. Other departments view IT department as a distinct one which is not functioning as a whole. I.T department is not gaining trust from the other departments including department heads. End-users are not totally happy with the functions provided by the I.T departments since they are not fulfilling the requirements. The review had been carried out on IT department and it causes a great deal of worry to the board members.

Business Analyst Review
After carrying out review, the business analyst finds out that more attention is needed to understand the problem domain. The relationship between information systems developed and the rest of the organizational environment must be consider carefully. Problem domain must be carefully analyzed to meet the requirements of end-users. End-users requirements must also be documented. Standards are needed to set for the development methodologies used in the organization. The guideline should be prepared for how to put the methodologies. Moreover, the role of business analyst need more trust within the organization.


Area of conflicts
Conflict between SAL with CBC merger and the employees
Streamlining of operations can be found as a result of merger while on the other hand the merger creates two different organizational cultures. Dissatisfaction and insecurity among employees occurred as a result of working in different organizational cultures. Employees’ performances are greatly reduced.

Conflict between End-users and IS development function
The systems developed by the I.T department are...
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