Youre Missing

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  • Published : May 5, 2012
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Throughout our lives many people experience what it feels like to have someone important leave. It can be from death, abandonment, divorce, or even just drifting apart from others; whichever the case may be many people get some of the same feelings because of it. In most of these feelings we miss the ones that are gone and often times question why they aren’t there anymore. Bruce Springsteen’s “You’re Missing” discusses how when someone is missing everything else can seem so empty and without that other person nothing else is complete.

Within the first couple of lines Springsteen jumps right into the imagery of his poem by letting us know exactly where everything is located and how everything is in its own place, but not the significant other. “Everything is everything, Everything is everything, But you’re missing” (lines 3-5.) Just in these three lines the reader can hear the emptiness inside Springsteen’s voice. His telling us that he knows everything is right where it needs to be but not that one other. When reading between the lines it is almost like the writer is lost without this other person. For example, as kids we would go to the store with our parents however we don’t always stay by their side while shopping and after wondering off we realize that we’re lost and the feeling of loneness begins to sink in. Without our parents there next to us in the store we don’t know what to do with ourselves or where to go.

As we keep reading on the reader begins to notice how the author is repeating a few words over and over again. “Everything is everything, Everything is everything” (lines 8-9.) Springsteen continuously repeats these words and each time he says them we can hear the anger, depression, and pain. He’s mad at the person who left him alone because now he’s lost and not sure what to do with himself. He’s depression is from being alone and not understanding completely why he was left alone. It’s almost as if this person abandoned him. The pain comes...
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