Your True Self

Topics: Existentialism, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir Pages: 3 (1283 words) Published: January 26, 2011
Your true self
Existence precedes and commands Essence. (Jean Paul Sartre) We regarded any situation as raw material for our joint efforts and not as a factor conditioning them: we imagined ourselves to be wholly independent agents. ... We had no external limitations, no overriding authority, no imposed pattern of existence, we created our own links with the world, and freedom was the very essence of our existence. (Simone de Beauvoir, 1963). Many people believe that freedom is something that you are given when you are born, and that you can do whatever you want. Most don’t relies that the people around them can affect the things they do. They chose not to believe it. Some think that if they are not in with the in crowd then they are inferior to society so they act deferent and that became how they are. If you striped yourself form all that defends you then that becomes your true self. Existentialism believes that the individual should break away from society’s trappings. Two existential stories, The Stranger and The Truman Show, involve the themes of existentialism in their plots to send their protagonist through the journey of finding existential freedom. In the Stranger, the protagonist, Meursault, kills an Arab because of the sun and is convicted to be beheaded. In the Truman Show, Truman, lives his life in a fake world for the purpose of a live television show without his knowledge. His journey begins when he starts to realize not everything is what it seems. Meursault and Truman both go experience existential alienation and nothingness; they both strive for freedom authentic to their existence. As the plot develops in both stories, Meursault and Truman experience existential alienation in opposite forms. During Meursault trail for killing an Arab men it didn’t seem as if it was his trial. He had no say, to what happen it was more like what to say and do. He starts feeling alienated from his own defense. He has no say in the matter because his views are...
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