Your Perfect Family

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Vina Tran
Doug Cooper

English 2H

28 September 2012

Stress is a Mess
A typical life has a different meaning and value for everyone. For me, it means to make everything less complicated and to eliminate as much stress as possible. As a teenager who attends high school at Bolsa Grande, I have experienced a handful of stress and pressure in my life. It especially includes things such as schoolwork and drama. Events like waiting until the last minute to finish up a project or having that awkward tension with your so-called friend is a major issue for high school students. There are many ways to deal with stress but it is very unavoidable.

First of all, dealing with school makes me stressed. Procrastination is a main reason that makes me worry about my grades. It is a bad habit of not being prepared and waiting until the last minute to finish up projects or homework. I am constantly having to stay up late and wake up at six in the morning just to do homework. My parents constantly pressure me to get good grades so that I could be successful in the future. I want to strive for good grades to show others that I have the ability to reach my goals. To solve this problem, I will try to pace myself and stop being a lazy person. I believe that I could learn from prior mistakes and change the way I approach things, which will make things much easier.

Another thing is when others cause drama within the people around me. I am usually not involved in drama because I think it is a waste of time and it makes people immature. But my friends sometimes cause trouble with others and I have to be there to support them. It might get out of hand which makes me worry if they will be okay or if they just need a friend sticking out for them. It stresses me out that I have to help them out and try not get involved in it. I want to be a good example by always being a great friend and not getting into any trouble. I have learned that nothing is perfect and I should make the...
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