Your Ideal Boss

Topics: Leadership, Learning, Opportunity cost Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: April 24, 2011
A lot of people consider that management skills or leadership skill are very important for a boss but they do not know what the criteria of management skills are; therefore people have different opinions about this question. From my point of view, in different jobs, employees need different boss. I will work in the marketing so that my ideal boss need has three criteria: intelligent, subtle and assertive. The first requirement of my ideal boss is intelligent. The boss need have good knowledge about the work that his employees are working. He can be success in all of tasks if he is in the role of staff. That thing will help the boss is admired by his worker. In addition the intelligence is not about knowledge, the boss need have full of creative power. He will guide what the staffs do and improve the reputation of his company. I think that the employees can only work comfortably if the boss is their idol. The second requirement of my ideal boss is assertive. In some case, his company has to face with the choice and the boss must give a decision. He is responsible to his decision and his company will sustain the result. He maybe faces with difficulty, a lot of opportunity cost and tradeoffs but he must not be hesitant. His hesitance can effect on many staffs and success of company. Moreover, assertion makes the boss more self-confidence in the work. If the boss is hesitant, after giving decision, he will always wonder that if he has a best choice; therefore the boss will never finish the work. The last requirement is subtle. In my opinion, that criteria is the most important skill which each boss need. The good boss is person who has intelligent behavior with his staffs. Sometime, the boss can chat with his employees about their family or non work-related topics. The boss also listens to the staff’s idea or request and accepts if he can. The boss should make his employees feel that they are respected and listened. The work will be more comfortable if the boss and...
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