Your House in the Future

Topics: Stations of the Cross, Rooms, Bedroom Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Urban Space Pavilion
Future houses now is dedicated to exploring ideas about better living in modernist family homes that are affordable, efficient, healthy, environmentally responsible and available. In the far future all the houses, Building, Stations and everything will be on space Stations millions of light-years away from our planet they will be suitable for everyone. It will be provided with everything a person would need from food and drinks to cinemas and all entertaining centers and the best thing about the space stations is that you can get a discount about 70% off if you were one of the first 1000 resident to the new space station and that’s not all because the Luxuries Building on the station can cost about 1000$ and that amount of money in the far future can be so suitable for any one in an ordinary family. The best quality about the Space Stations is that it runs on Solar Power and that makes It 100% more efficient and more Healthy to live in. Off course the scientist considered the amount of people living on Earth and that’s why they made various space stations each one better than the other, The scientist also thought about the environment while they were building the space stations that’s why they made lots of environmental gardens where people can stay and watch all the beautiful gardens, They also made some special gardens with endangered trees and flowerers. The homes on the Stations differ a lot from anything you ever saw on earth. The house I lived in was nothing any one could have seen on earth in my point of view anyone who live on the Station can consider himself living in paradise because all the houses there were like your own big mansion that had everything for instance the bed rooms were the size of a four rooms glued together, There aren’t any sealing to make you see the beauty of the stars and space your living in, There aren’t going to be any bed to sleep on because in the far future scientist will be able to compress the air...
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