Your Greatest Dream

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Nobody can exist without a dream. Everyone dreams of the future to some extent or another.

When we are our age we often dream of becoming an astronaut, a fire-fighter or an actor.

We also dream of becoming a world famous sportsman and to be somebody like Chad Le Clos, Ernie Els, Victor Matfield or Jaques Kallis. I certainly don’t dream about being Oscar Pistorius.

We also dream of fast cars like a Bugatti Veiron or a Ferrari.

Unfortunately not all of these dreams are realistic or can be achieved. Very few people become world-famous actors or sportsmen.

When we get older our dreams start to change and become more mature. We start dreaming of what profession or career path we should choose once we leave school. We dream of meeting the right girlfriend or boyfriend, getting married and having children of our own.

When we become parents our dreams change even further and we start to dream about the kind of life we can provide for our children and opportunities that we can provide to them.

Some dreams are far simpler. Somebody who is homeless and unemployed dreams of a hot shower and a fulfilling meal. These are things that we take for granted. Our dreams are shaped by circumstances, where we live, where we go to school, what our parents do for a living and of course by our own talents.

I’m still only 11 years old. My greatest dream is to own a Bugatti Veiron which is the fastest car in the world.
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