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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Table-1. Profession of the respondents

profession| number| percentage|
Student| 2| 8|
Service holder| 8| 32|
Business| 9| 36|
other| 6| 24|

I interviewed a total of 25 account holders of the Bank and checked their profession. From the above table ( tabe-1) , it shows that majority of the respondents belong to business group and this is 36%. The next group close to business group is service holder and their percentage is 32% which also seems significant. Only 8% of the respondents belong to student group. 24% of the respondents came from different entities which include housewives, retired officers and those who are getting money from overseas. The results clearly indicate that Bank has been able to attract business people and service holders to open the account. This suggests that Mutual Trust Bank concentrates to bring these group of people under their umbrella through advertise and promotion,

The above diagram ( table-2) shows a very interesting picture regarding the gender distribution of the respondents, Majority of the respondents belong to female group and their percentage shows absolute majority i.e. 65%. On the other hand, only 35% are male account holders. Let me clarify here that the results may not represent the whole picture of the Bank’s account holders. However, when I discussed in details with the respondents most ladies have been working in school. This could be the possible interpretation that quite a few number of schools are located around Mutual Trust Bank and we all know that most school teachers especially in English medium are females.

Table-3. Age group of the respondents

Age group| number| percentage|
15-20| 0| 0|
21 - 26| 2| 8%|
27 - 32| 6| 24%|
33-38| 11| 44%|
39 and above| 6| 24%|

The table-3 shows the distribution of age group of the respondents. Please note that I interviewed all the respondents who are the account holders. The data state that the...
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