Your Favourite Tv Channel

Topics: Earth, Television, Geography Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: September 28, 2012
The television (TV) is part and parcel of many households. Therefore, watching television is a culture of today’s modern society. It is a favorite past-time of many people, cutting across the culture, creed, gender and age. I must admit that I too enjoy “sitting glued” to the TV as mum often laments. Since I watch TV whole day long, I don’t blame mum. However, whenever I watch my favorite TV program she doesn’t complain. In fact, she often sits together to watch it, the ‘National Geographic’.

The National Geographic is a well-known documentary program, focusing mainly on the ever-changing world, on Mother Earth and on nature and peoples and creatures that color it with. Just the press of a switch and a button and ‘Hey Presto!’, the whole world is brought before me, for me to save our its beauty and wonders. Personally, I am often awed and amazed with them.

I like this program because it is very educational. It is a ‘window to the world’. By watching it, I can ‘travel’, ‘explore’ and ‘discover’ the four corners of the world. I have trekked up the highest peak and conquered Mt. Everest. I have dived down the deepest trenches. I have walked through the wilderness and be amongst the wild beasts, big and small. Thus, this program has helped to expand my horizon and improve my knowledge and experience. I can proudly say I am no more a ‘frog in the well’.

I also enjoy watching the National Geographic because it is entertaining, interesting and stimulating. I never imagined that such an educational program can be very enjoyable. I get a chance to enjoy the kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and colors of the world and its different peoples, all in the comfort of my own home.

In addition to that, this program is of very high quality and it is produced by a team of experts, all are authorities in their own field of interest. The photographic footage is extremely breath-taking and inspiring. Besides, the narration is very accurate, informative, vivid and...
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