Your Family Is Changing!

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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A family is the smallest group in a society but it's one of the most important groups. When a person is born, he meets his parents first. Because of this, family has a great impact on society's future. Any changes in the structure of a family may change the whole society. Some people raise their children in the way that they were raised but most people think they should change something their parents have done wrong. Due to this thought, there are a lot of differences between the Turkish families of today and the ones in the past. Families in the past were more respectful and connected to each other than the families of today in Turkey.

Day by day, families are losing the connection between the members that is one of the most important things to be a good family. Firstly, people miss the opportunity to spend time with their family members. Turkish families used to come together at dinner tables and those people around the table might not only be mother, father and children but also grandparents, uncles, aunts or cousins. However, people mostly have their dinner alone now and it makes the connection weaker. Likewise, people used to come together at wedding ceremonies and due to old Turkish custom "forty day, forty night ceremony", these weddings were giving a lot of time to have fun together. Nowadays, people do not arrange even one night ceremony anymore. Secondly, living in different houses, cities, even countries from other family members is much more common than the past. The first reason of this, people are more independent economically than the past so that they can afford their own life. In contrast, even married children were living with their parents and they were connected. The second reason is the increase in the number of studying children. There are a lot of people who go to university which is not in their hometown and it means they have a new life far from family.

Few decades ago, respect was one of the most important things in a relationship...
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