Your Company’s Secret Change Agents

Topics: Management, The Opportunity, Change management Pages: 3 (780 words) Published: April 7, 2012
Reaction Paper
“Your Company’s Secret Change Agents”
By: Richard Tanner Pascale and Jerry Sternin


Businesses, no matter how successful, have problems – poor performance, escalating costs, interdepartmental conflict. The question is how do we fix them. Richard Tanner Pascale and Jerry Sternin’s article “Your Company’s Secret Change Agents” pushed managers to think outside the box and move toward change within its own walls by using people who are excelling in their departments and those who are enthusiastic about the work they do. Change from within is a way to bring isolated success strategies into a company.

The authors have developed steps to help managers master this task. The first of these steps is to make the group the guru. You must find positive deviants while allowing the struggling groups their own path for change. The next step is to reframe problems through facts. You must “avoid conventional assumptions about problem’s causes and solutions” (Pascale & Sternin, 2005). The next step is to make it safe to learn. You must keep the fear of attack off your positive deviants by making the communication and dialogue safe for everyone involved. The next step is to make the problem concrete. You must really explain why you are doing this even if it is uncomfortable. Next you have to leverage social proof and finally, our last step is to confound resistance to change.

Points of Agreement

* “The key is to engage the members of the community you want to change in the process of discovery, making them the evangelists of their own conversion experience.” (Pascale & Sternin, 2005) This idea brings us back to the basics. We are getting the people involved in the formulation process that way they will be more invested and accepting of the change we are implementing. * “Leaders must relinquish to the community the job of chief discover” (Pascale & Sternin, 2005). This is an excellent point for leaders to remember....
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