Your Community

Topics: Unemployment, High school, Dropout Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Your Community

When I think of social problems, I think about things in our community that are caused by the carelessness and deprivation of the people. When it comes to social problems in the community it can go so wide spread and also in different forms. I believe a few of the most pressing social problems in our community are the dropout rates because they either don’t fit in at school or they are having financial problems, Welfare because some people that are on it don’t deserve it and the tax payers that do deserve it are not on it. And the last social problem is the unemployment rates because of budget cut backs and other economic issues.

Although the dropout rate has decreased from previous years it is still a very big problem. In the 2011-12 school years 13,488 high school students dropped out of school in North Carolina. I believe some of the reasons they dropped out are because they don’t fit in, they get bullied and just can’t take it anymore so they dropout to get away from that negative environment. Maybe they are failing their classes or feel they have missed so many days that it is pointless to keep going, or they may be having financial problems and feel the pressure to quit school so they can get a full time job. I think the community is trying to resolve this problem by having harsh punishments for their actions. So, this will result in negative consequences. Such as, losing their license and being able to get a job, since it is more difficult for anyone without a high school diploma to get a job.

I believe welfare is a big problem in our community. So many people are on it and over half of them shouldn’t be. I am all for helping people out, but only if they are willing to help themselves. There are a lot of people on welfare that are only taking advantage of the system and have no plans of getting a job and providing for their families themselves. Some people are honest about why they need government assistance and how they use it,...
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