Your Choice: My Future: Selecting a Responsible Leader for a Better Nation

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Your Choice: My Future: Selecting Responsible Leader for a Better Nation

Philippines is a struggling country, aiming for improvement as a common goal. We are the workforce of this nation, our homeland. Its progress is pre-determined; it is on our bare hands on what will its tomorrow be, may it be dreadful, dissatisfactory, faulty and substandard. But I say we fight and stand on our feet and put our hands on the steer and depart on a voyage towards the better future. Well in order for us to set sail and land on such goal, we need a captain, a leader who will act as our brain, a guide who will lead us to the right path of justice, a commander who is responsible in taking charge of us. We need to have this ideal captain, someone who can lead our voyage to an enhanced future, a tomorrow where we, the youth, will become the working force. If we do not, is there anything that we can hope for? How do we know that a person is suitable for this crucial responsibility? Does this person need to be wise? Of course, for the Scripture says “Without wise leadership, a nation falls.” If a leader is intellectually incapacitated, how can he lead us to that bright future we yearn so much? Napoleon Bonaparte once quoted “A leader is a dealer in hope.” However, a person who is intellectually able does not always prove to be a good leader. If you check our history, we had our fair share of smart leaders, leaders whose curriculum vitae may occupy a couple of pages because of their scholastic achievements. But somewhere along the line towards attaining their goal in making our country a better one, they have failed. Why they’re smart of course! No doubt! But still they failed in their goals. Therefore, having a high IQ does not always produce good captains. Do we need this leader to be good-looking? Looks can be deceiving they say. Just because a person looks so decent, smart and good-looking doesn’t mean he is a wise leader. Since we youth can’t do this, that’s when we say, it is...
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