Your Attitude Determines Your Future

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DO NOT PROCASTINATE! TIME is money and TIME does not wait for anybody. If you sit and wait, nobody can help you and nothing happens. You will still be what you are, 3 or more years from now. You will be in the same situation, doing what you are doing now or worst, not doing anything at all; No career advancement; No self development; Lack of work experience; No improvement in income; No appropriate qualification; and possibly even out of job! 

On the contrary, if you grab this opportunity, 3-4 years from now you will definitely make tremendous advancement in your career; develop positive outlook in self-esteem; acquire loads of working experience; earn an above average income; and possibly workout a business plan on this recession-proof business in the ever booming F&B industry. 

With the right entrepreneurial mindset, some highly recommended credentials from the respective OJT and/or EDST Facilitator/s, and all the relevant work experiences you acquire plus a professionally recognized academic qualification, you may then approach the relevant government departments or agencies for an Entrepreneur Grant or Loan, if any, to kick-start your dream business. Outstanding OJT Students may even attract Angel Investors to invest in their operational and management skills thereby creating business opportunities in the years ahead. Otherwise, you will be confidently climbing the corporate ladder to a top management position ensuring yourself an excellent life-long career and live a comfortable lifestyle. 

To excel or not to excel; The choice is yours! The career is yours! The life is yours!
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