Young People Today Do Not Use Their Free Time Wisely

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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In my opinion young people today do not use their free time wisely because they choose to fill that with free time with activities that are not healthy for them. One popular option among the young is playing video games and watching television. While other activities like sports, social gathering and reading are available to them, many people feel that they spend too much time studying and when they get some free time they choose video games and television. Nowadays, younger generation has greater choices when it comes to choosing activities to fill their free time than previous generation. Among such facilities are television and video games. Some social experts and families are concerned about health of teenage overindulge on these activities. This is supported by some reports that sitting too long in front of television could lead to problems of eyes and back. On the other hand, some medical experts believe that some video games can improve the dexterity of the player and this could help his or her future career like operating doctor or pilot. In addition, watching television keeps young audience inform about what happens around locally as well as globally.

Alternatively, there are many activities which have positive results in term of social, physical and educational values. For example, walking, jogging and trekking in a recreational park improve their physical strength and give an opportunity to observe nature and environment. Furthermore, spending time with family, relatives and friends outdoor enriches their social lives. As a result, they would be more interactive and responsible socially.
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