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Topics: Trench warfare, No man's land, Death Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: May 12, 2013
In source a it is discussing the trench warfare and it tells us that soliders did such as manning the fire-step . source b supports this by showing a British solider manning the fire step, source b also supported source a because in source a it says ‘night was the time of major activity’ … this shown in the photograph in source b because it shows that is quite light which indicates it is daytime and a solider is sleeping during this time because in the night most of the attacks happen . Source c also supports this because it gives us casualties rates ,it tells us that the numbers of death at first increased and at the end decreased this is because of the amount of men entering ‘no mans land’. The differences between source a &source b is that source a tells us that the soliders were able to ‘wash&shave’ whereas in the photograph in source b it looks as if the soldiers never get any rest or get to prepare.the differences between source c&a is that source a doesn’t mention any deaths or people dead but source c gives us the amount of people who died and were presumed conclusion source b&c support what is written in source a because source a tells us the daily routine for the soliders and the photograph gives us a clearer understanding of the trenches and how the soliders set up on the trench source c shows us the people who were presumed dead which could have been because of the ‘no-mans land’ which was mentioned in the first source.

Those who supported the war did so for various reasons. Most of this was down to patriotism because many people were very loyal to the king and had to do anything for him and the country.another reason was because of propaganda were newspaper reports which deliberately did not show what was actually happening in the war so people just continued supporting the war. Source d is NOT an extract from a history book but is fiction written for children.i think that its not really useful or helpful because it...
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