Young People

Topics: Psychology, Youth, Suicide Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Young people are important resources to their country, but government may ignore some problems faced by young people in running the country. Show the problems and give advices.

The young people are the future the society. However, there have been types of youth problems may ignore by the government. We should know the reason to cause that first before tackle the issues happen on youngster.

The main problem that young people face is difficult to get jobs after graduation. Most of enterprises prefer experienced jobs seekers who can directly make profits for organization without training session in the beginning. Yet, with the highly youth unemployment rate, hardly can they afford to the life expenditure. Thus, commit a crime would be some young people’s reaction to deal with financial issues.

The other problem mostly comes from stress and strain. In reality, majority of parents and teachers over emphasis the importance of academic result as the only ways to obtain the higher education, and unfortunately, many students loss confident and self- esteem among highly competition. Besides, too many exams make students exhausted; however, students have to push themselves to pursue high score. Meanwhile, there are less ways to reduce students’ pressure and anxiety from peer competition, which turns out, mental illness and even suicide eventually.

Based on the roof of the youth issue, firstly, it is suggest that government should provide social training for young graduates to gain experience, in addition, encouraging enterprise to hire young people through set up graduation program. Secondly, psychology tutors and consultation can be provided in schools and universities and hence tackle the trend of youth depression. The last but not least, healthy outdoor activities may balance young generation’s busy study and their psychical and mental health and thus increase their anti-pressure level.

In a nutshell, even though young people are face up some issues which...
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