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Topics: Second language, Language, English language Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Task 3 Mustika Nur Amalia (309222422867) Revision 1
Benefits Learning Second Language in a Young Age
In the globalization era, we have to be able speak more than one language. At least we could speak English fluently because English is a language which is used by almost all over the worlds. Therefore, English start to be learned in a young age, especially in Non-English native countries. People believe that when second language is learned in a young age, it is easier to learn. Children in a young age are easy to memorize everything so that it is appropriate time to learn second language, when the children reach the age, their capability in remembering decreases little by little. In my opinion, learning a second language is better to be given in the early age, because in the early age, the children’s brain still flexible so it is easier to acquire second language. In the following paragraphs, I want to show about beneficial aspects learning second language in a young age based on cognitive benefits, linguistic benefits, and lifelong benefits. First, before I show a number of cognitive benefits, we have to define what is cognitive. Based on longman dictionary, cognitive is relating to the process of knowing, understanding, and learning something. Roberta Michnick Golinkoff Ph.D, author of How Babies Talk said that Children can differentiate between two languages within the first weeks of life; learning another language actually enhances a child’s overall verbal development. For instance, the children could mention a thing in two languages such as when they see a chair automatically they could say ‘kursi’ in Indonesian language and ‘chair’ in English. In addition, the research shows children who study a foreign language at young age, exhibit better problem solving skills and heighted creativity because it encourages their flexible thinking and communication skills, helping...
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