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Young Goodman Brown

By | Feb. 2011
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Chaknaze Zachery
English 1102HJ
Journal #1

In “Young Goodman Brown” the title character Goodman Brown falls asleep under a tree and has a dream about testing his faith. In the story his faith is symbolized by his wife, Faith. I believe it was a dream that had a deeper meaning. The author wrote it to make it seem like it was actually taking place. When Goodman Brown walked into the wilderness it was a parallel to the darkness. This man approaches him who is a representation of the evil that he will follow into the darkness. As they enter the wilderness the traveler told Brown that he had taken his father and grandfather down the same path of evil. When the traveler, and Goodman brown run across Goody Cloyse, Brown is surprised to see that Goody Cloyse had a relationship with the devil. As they walk through the wilderness Brown sees people that he holds to a high esteem and they are rendezvousing with the devil. It takes him aback because he feels like it is inappropriate for them to be on the dark side and not walking in the faith that they taught him.

Goodman Brown was becoming tempted to test the waters outside of his religion. The dream he was having was showing him what it would be like to stray from what he has been taught all his life. Even though during the journey he encountered people that were high in the church and Goody Cloyse, who taught him the rights and wrongs of a Puritan life, he knows that this isn’t the right thing to do. As they continue through the wilderness he comes to spots where he questions whether he is doing the right thing by going forward but he just pauses and continues. If he was awake he would stop at the first pause he came to and turn back instead of continuing to test the waters. When Goodman Brown saw that his wife Faith wasn’t as pure as he thought it devastated him. I feel that this represented him realizing that the faith that he has grown up with is not as pure as he grew up believing. It makes him...

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