Young Generation No Longer Intersted in Relegion

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Religion is a like subject, which talks about how to live, why to live and what we are alive for. A person has his own perspective about life,it depends on the environment he is growing into. In the world, people live their whole life on God's will and on the other side, free thinkers and atheist's societies are taking place. Too many knowledge and too many chooses can make a person confuse.

A time come when a teenager or a young adult starts differentiating between right and wrong , that is the time when he takes or lost his interest in religion. Growth is a part of life. Science has grown enough to stand up against religious cosmology through scientific theories , also the societies are willing to become industrial societies, worldly desires , media's growth , relationships without marriage and so many more reason that our society has adopted, which religion forbids, can attract young generation and also being the reason of their less or no interest in religion. As started to being grown up gives alot of authorities, allows to take own decisions. Religion is the choice that has already been chosen for a person,and at some places being forced to be follow strictly by the society or family , making religion objectionable for young generation. As a free thinker said :

The seed was planted against my will,
the root became an unwanted weed to kill.

Nowadays the youth is drowning away for fashion, and the term fashion for them , is perhaps anything that has been prohibited or either forbidden by their religion. The main reason for them to turn away from the religion is maybe the race the world in indulged in, that has actually halted them to obey the laws of humanity and religion as well, forgetting that their real success lies within the limits prescribed by the religion it self. Deen is a complete code of life, but involving science questions any of the religion, which is there fore too small to understand the anonymous power of...
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