Young Generation Is Irresponsible or Not

Topics: Youth, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Young Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: October 17, 2010
“Young generation is irresponsible or not?”
If I am a person of 15 to 25 years than I will surely say that young generation is not irresponsible in any field while if I am a person of 40 years then I will clearly say that young people are the most lazy and irresponsible people in the world knowing the fact that I was also a part of youth some years ago I will enlighten both aspects one by one

As we all know that technology is making its enrichment day by day. Now every work is being done by machines. It’s an era of science. Now where responsibility is standing? We distribute each and every work to computer. The actual task is upon them. We just have to push a button. This technology is making our young generation dull and lazy. Besides easiness and comfortness, actually its is making our life more difficult. Our young generation is busy in doing text messages. The one who makes more friends at any social networking website is considered to be more practical. Young people are not even interested in what is happening currently in their country. They just want to make money by shortcuts. They say they are educated but we can easily see in mostly universities, rappers, and packets, spread here and there. Is this our responsibility? We say that education increases our maturity but in this era of technology our education systems are making our young people more frustrated and more impractical. Suppose if any dangerous technology comes in hands of those irresponsible people who don’t know the dignity and grace of life, they can do anything. Today the young generation is mostly irresponsible and disturbed. There are different factors behind it. Scientific revolution has made this world a global village and one thing that is exploiting the human nature is flood of information. I am not saying that information is a bad thing but when this information is given in a wrong perspective, at wrong time and to those who don't need it at all, it creates such problems like...
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