Young Dracula

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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The world is poised on the edge ready to plunge into darkness under the rule of Vladimir Dracula until an ancient prophecy comes to light which places all of vampire kind in mortal danger. WHO WOULD DIE AND WHO WOULD LIVE.....that is the question that is left unanswered How would your feel about watching a breath taking tv programme which will leave you gasping for air every passing second, anxiously jumping up and down like a mad dog eager to find out if your beloved hero is going to save the day once again? Wouldnt you want to escape reality and toss it aside like a piece of trash. Dont you want to observe, scrutunize and destroy reality with all your might. Im not exaggerating but YOUNG DRACULA could be the reason for your once cold dead heart to beat again and your soul retrieved from the dead. The name DRACULA burns your soul like a gray and flickering candle flame, lasting longer than you expect. But do you stop...stop from what you think is a impossible task and come back to what seems to be reality? Of course carry on venturing your dreams until you find the perfect solution. Before I go any further than this I should indicate that Young Dracula is a children’s programme. But don’t you dare stop reading! Young Dracula is probably one of the best tv programme the world has ever seen. It tells the story of the Dracula family who have just moved from Transylvania to an ordinary looking town in Britain. Vlad (Ge rran Howell) is the Count’s beloved son. Count Dracula is an evil vampire who can’t help but suck the life out of what they call ‘breathers’ but Vladimir is as far from the model vampire child as is possible. He wants everyone to unite*GASP*
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