Young Couples Should Have Children or Not?

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  • Published : December 5, 2008
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At the present time, the birth rate is decreasing in Hong Kong. The main factor of this phenomenon is that many young couples choose not to have children these days. They have this decision because of financial problem, their working, freedom and lack of experience. Having children will bring them many troublesome problems. Thus, the trend of having no children becomes worse. For this agreement, I would prefer not to have children. There are some following points to support me.

To begin with, young people choose not to have children owning to financial problems. The living expenses in Hong Kong are very high. If young couples want to have children, they have to make sure that their income is stable. Because they not only have to spend living and housing expense, but also they need to spend many expenses such as diapers, milk powders and tuition fee to take care of their children. Having children may increase young people’s living expenses. Hence, many young couples would consider not having children.

Hong Kong is a busy city. All the people would focus on their working in order to earn more money. In fact, the working hours are longer than before and workload is very heavy. Many people have to spend extra time to finish their works. Yet, having children need to spend much time to take care of them, teach and play with them. Also, young couples cannot allocate or balance the time to accompany their children. Hence they make their choice not to have children.

Furthermore, many couples think that freedom is important. They want to have more freedom in their life. Many of them would think that having children cannot do what they like as they need to supervise and teach their children anytime. Moreover, they would consider many things about their children such as their safety, academic results, and growing problems and so on. Therefore, young couples would deem that having children may bring many troublesome to them and they don’t have free to relax...
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