Young Children Should Be Required to Learn Music and Art

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  • Published : May 24, 2011
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I agree that art and music programs are indispensable for young children besides math, history, science and language. Art and music are widely recognized in many cultures as a part of our life. In addition to their value to culture and society, art and music can contribute significantly to children’s intellectual development, memory improvement, aesthetical development, self-discipline, self-confidence and communication skills.

Music and art have been proved by plenty of scientific evidence as an education that improves a student’s math and science abilities. Scientists have shown that playing an instrument or singing engages both sides of the brain simultaneously, which enhances the brain’s ability of learning and processing information. One of the most famous examples is Albert Einstein. It is believed that music helped Einstein to become one of the smartest men who has ever lived.

Art and music aid memory and concentration. One great example is the alphabet song, which is widely used in kindergartens, pre-schools and elementary schools around the world to teach children alphabets. Researchers from the University of North Texas showed that students who read words with music in the background can be 80% more efficient in memorizing vocabulary.

Art and music can also shape young children’s artistic feelings and inspire them. Art and music experience will teach young children how to understand and appreciate the world around them. As long as they are trapped in difficult situations, they can get relaxed and inspired by listening to music or participating in other art activities. When Thomas Jefferson could not figure out the right wording for the Declaration of Independence, he would play violin to get inspiration.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, studying music and art can encourage self-discipline and diligence, which are effective study and work habits beneficial for young children for a life time. Typically, to be able to paint, act,...