Young Children

Topics: Childcare, Day care, Babysitting Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Who I Am and What Influenced My Decision to Work with Young Children

My name is Melody Jxxx. I am the mother of two—one daughter and one son. I was born in MORROW, XX and have live here all my life. My husband, Darius and I have been married for seven years. He is going to school to be an electrician and one day has his own business. My hobbies include reading, shopping, dining out, and volunteering at my church.

I am working as an administrative assistant at a Construction Company. I have worked there since I was in high school. What first influenced my decision to work with young children is my daughter. While pregnant with her I volunteered at the daycare I would be enrolling her in. The daycare center had children from six weeks to twelve years old. While I was there I received so much enjoyment, and to saw the view of the world in the eyes of a child, it was a learning experience. After volunteering I applied for a job part time to work there.

I enjoyed the quality child care that I saw there and wanted to be a part of that development. I’ve decide to earn the CDA credentials to improve early childcare skills, and development, in hopes to better the lives of children. My ultimate educational goals are to commit to the highest level of learning to ensure each child’s best interest. My career goal is to not only better educate myself, but to extend the knowledge that I am learning to others. This will better the future of families today.
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