Young at Heart

Topics: Advertising, Emotion, Target audience Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Analysis of a Barnardo’s advertisement ‘life story’s target audiences This advertisement was created in an unusual way of telling the narrative the other way round, it tells us a story about the boy who is in a difficult situation from how he is nowadays to how he was. Most of the time, they use medium shot to let audience feel that the boy is directly talking to you including more specific emotions and reactions. From the beginning, the boy sat in an typical interview setting, and then, it’s diegetic sound all the time, until the third actor appealed, non-diegetic music started from then to make audience feel his sadness and isolation.

Barnardo’s advertisement has a primary and a secondary target audience. The primary target audiences for this advertising campaign are those members of the general public especially in UK who are most likely to donate to children’s charities. Specifically, they would be a range of people who are 25-50 years old; this group have high levels of disposable incomes and have significant potential value to Barnardo’s as donors. The touchable and creative advert of showing 5 different periods of time in life of a drug-taker teenager makes sure that the message is relevant to the audience, and will feature in media that will reach them when they are at their most receptive. Those people are called active audiences who would like to engage with media output and think about donating money to their charity.

The secondary target audience are the general people-----mainstreamers, the aim is to make their brand image recognizable and see them as the brands that they can trust, generally, to make a great impact to the society. This advertising campaign enabled them to successfully raise awareness of Barnardo’s and they also strengthen the case for public support. So that people could be able to know and feel about Barnardo’s charity work, some might volunteer to help those vulnerable children get out of the difficulties and...
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