Young Apprentice Transcript

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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The Young Apprentice Transcript
Question: How do the candidates try to save themselves from elimination?
Key:(}) spoken at the same time.         (1) seconds someone pauses for(.) short pause|
SIR ALAN: You three (1) Lewis and you Harry and you Mohammed,  you were the mobile team, okay. Who was selling?{ All three of you?} Harry:                 { All three of us } and (.) we had kind of adopted a strategy where basically, we would each, individually try and find customers, sell to them {and } (interrupted) (?) SA:   {So you didn’t  adopt their strategy} where you had one person doing the ice cream and one} coordinating? Lewis: I wanted to go forward for that but Harry was too focused on getting his own sales so he could have that big number next to his name. SA: Right, how was you doing it? You was actually selling and scooping yourself? L: {Yeah to be fair, Mohammed was very weak when (.) Can you actually let me finish?} Mohammed: {I think, I think, I don’t think that was me, I was persistent, I was confident I was approaching the {customers} ....

S.A: Could you send the three of them in please?
Receptionist: Yes Lord Sugar.
SA: Well er, gentlemen I’ve had a chat with Karen and Nick (.) There are, er, few things that I’m a bit concerned about. I’ll start with you harry apart from your little stroke of genius of actually going from the static {stall} Harry: {hmm}

SA: and actually going on the beach there as the project leader just tell me what you think your strategic role was here. H: I (.) took a huge role in leading, in leading this team. No one was confident enough to step up to it but I did, people trusted me to lead and people trusted my decision- (interrupted by James) James:- Harry, I’m confused as to why { I’m here}

S.A: (agreeing) No, I...
J: I was the man with the ideas, everything came from me. No one else suggested any ideas as regards to the br, the branding at all. I came up with the concept, I came up with the name, I...
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