Young Adults Overuse of Mobile Device

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The benefit and drawbacks of use of smart phone in young adult

In past few years, mobile phones have more and more changes. We can use these deceives to have online browsing with our mobile phone. People share their status, photos and videos very easily. While teenagers are welcoming new improvements of smart phone, others doubt that young adult become over use of their smart phones. This essay examines both the benefits and drawbacks of using mobile phone in young adult and draws a conclusion.

A modern day human being is letting every young adult choose to own a mobile phone. It has almost satisfied everything we need. Smart phones have played a very important role in our life. Cell phone is not used just for talking as the past. Teenagers always entertain by their smart phones, for example, listen to music, get news, play games, and upload status. We can find everything new and interesting and do a lot more with our cell phone nowadays. And we can communicate to our family and friends no matter what or where you are is the most advantage of having a mobile phone.( Sothea, 2011) .

Also, in emergency situations cell phones have been found to be of great help. Nowadays, most of the smart phones allow users to make emergency calls, so that such as landslides and earthquakes can be easily deal with. There have been a number of cases where people struck in landslides have found way for themselves with the use of their devices by Roberto Sedycias. (2007)

The modern technical seems make young adult have a unhealthy use of mobile phone. Every teenager wants to catch up the trend, so they keep changing their smart phones. They think they are out-dated if they do not use the same or better mobile phone and they will not have common topic with their friends. Pressure of social communication is the biggest reason that young adult overuse mobile device. A research had pointed out Korean adolescent girls are over using of mobile phones...
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