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Topics: Actor, Celebrity, Role model Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Celebrities can be both a positive and negative role model for young people. Celebrities have success and that most young people will look up to them and will want to be just like them. Any and everything an celebrity does the media will find out about it Celebrities can be negatives role model for young people because they can make a mistake and send a negative message towards young people. Celebrities can be appropriate role models for young people because most young people look up to people on TV, magazines, and singers and rappers they hear on the radio and young people will dream to be just like them. This sometimes is ok if the celebrity is setting positive examples and goals for young people. A good role model for young adults will be someone who has went to college and has a degree or someone who positive, humble and successful. Someone who is a positive celebrity role model is Gabrielle Union an actress who has a degree in sociology at UCLA, while earning extra academic credits at the Judith Fontaine Modeling and Talent Agency to maintain her acting career. Gabrielle success has brings a positive message to young adults. Celebrities can also be a negative influence towards young people. Celebrities can start off as an positive role model and simply make one mistake and they will become an negative influence on young people young people will look at their mistake and be convinced that it is okay to make the same mistake that the celebrity has made. A negative role model will encourage young audience to do the wrong thing such as engaging in drugs sexual activities or getting trouble with the law. A negative role model will be someone like Chris brown. Chris brown started off as a good role model with his great entertainment in the music world as a Dancer and singer, but when he was charged with a domestic violence charge that was the turning point of him being a good role model.
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