You Should Have Healthy Diet

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Obesity Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: February 16, 2013
You Should Have a Healthy Diet
Are there many healthy people in America? The answer is no, because so many American people are obese. It is a serious problem that so many American people have unhealthy eating habits. Especially people who live in the city usually eat a lot of junk food. The general reason is that they have no time to choose healthy and delicious food because they are too busy doing their work. Even though people know junk food is not nutritious, they eat this greasy and high calorie food very often.

Actually, being healthy can make you feel pleasure. Usually, people who want to be healthy should have healthy diet, and they can follow the food nutrition pyramid. Therefore, it is really necessary for most people to have healthy diet.

When I was in middle school, I liked to eat a lot of junk food and fried food. If I felt hungry late at night, I would eat instant noodles as my supper. However, instant noodles are very unhealthy and had high calories. It also contains Monosodium glutamate, palm oil and high salt. These factors cam really hurt human’s body. My favorite food was McDonald’s; it was the best meal in my mind. At that time, I was really lazy. I did not like to do exercise to waste my energy. My favorite sport was to lie on the sofa and watch cartoon. They were very interesting and enjoyable. When I was watching cartoon, I did not like to communicate with others. It was not until I went to high school that I started to realize that I was really weak and unhealthy. I got sick and could not play basketball well. I did not have any friends. After that, I thought I should change my lifestyle and daily eating diet.

At first, I bought a book about how to choose nutritious food for your daily diet. After reading this book every day and followed the healthy eating rules, I ate many vegetables and drank eight cups of water every day. Meanwhile, I did not eat McDonald’s greasy food or junk food anymore. I started...
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