You Should Have Enough Rest

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  • Published : September 21, 2011
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You should have enough rest

Nothing better than feeling of waking up completely and full

refreshed. Sleep is necessary and important for life. Today, a

person has lacked sleeping because of a busy schedule, every

day. In today most people have timed to sleep around 4-6

hours If you think that's enough, then you think wrong. That is not

enough for the human body. This is an issue that should be

solved urgently because Sleep not enough to have a bad affect

than you think.

First, enough sleep makes your fever will disappear faster,

but if we do not get enough sleep, fever may recover very slowly.

Lack of sleep affect the immune system. When the immune

system worse, body can’t get rid of bacteria. That is, cause of

serious disease reason, such as heart disease, high blood

pressure, diabetes, depression, cancer or other chronic

Second, when you go to bed late it will be your habit. That

can cause insomnia and you will feel tired when you wake up. If

you go to sleep on time it will help you sleep more easily. You

should go to bed on time to make it your habit it will make you

feeling refreshed on wake up time and sleep is not difficult for you


Third, sleep is important to your daily life. If you don't sleep

enough, you will feel your body malfunctions, Such as, less

creative, less focus, and feel sleepy during the day, recognition

problems. They will give you a bad day.

Fourth, the lack of sleep can have also impact on the brain

as well because the brain is a critical piece of our organs.

Although there is lightweight, but brain used the energy inside the

body to use up to 20 percent each day, if we sleep to be sufficient

for needs of the body, memory storage system or the nervous

system can be developed more efficiently.

Finally, you should be sleeping enough. Because sleep have

a lot of benefits to your body. Insufficient sleep can...
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