You Should Believe Everything You See and Hear in the Media.

Pages: 1 (468 words) Published: October 12, 2010
It is easy to agree with the statement “you should believe everything you hear and see in the media”. Not everything in the media is real because people create hoaxes, which are stories that seem real but they are just a lie. Reasons people create hoaxes can be to get money or to get fame by doing something, but there haven’t been any hoaxes in a few years. Some people believe that everything in the media is not real. People may think this because some articles in newspapers use persuasive language to persuade you that what is written in the article is real. Another reason people may not believe the media is because in some articles the writer can be biased and only explain the most important side of the story. When the writer is being biased you won’t know the whole story and that makes it hard to believe what you are reading. Apart from hoaxes pretty much everything in the media is real. You can tell when an article is true because it will have proof that it is real. Most articles have pictures showing the event happening. Pictures are a good source of evidence because you can actually see what is happening. Most articles have statements that people have said during the event. The statements may be changed a little bit to either shorten or elaborate on what a person has said. When an article has statements that people have said, you can tell that other people have witnessed the event. The chosen article out of a newspaper is to show that most things in the media are true. The article I have chosen is called “Hundreds in Mount Isa take a stand against cancer” this article is about hundreds of people participating in Relay for Life. In this article there is a big picture that shows a lot of people walking. This picture provides proof of the event taking place. Some people may think that the picture isn’t real, so there is a notice saying that there are more pictures on the next page. When there are more pictures to the article it makes it more believable....
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