You Make a Difference

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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yHave you guys ever heard the talk of our school recently? what I mean is the song dedication activity on valentine’s day !it sounds so exciting; we can express our love to someone who we like through this activity , especially for someone like me who is a shy guy, because we can express our love to someone indirectly, no need to show our love to someone face to face which is so embarrassing !so I must grab this opportunity to express my thankful love to those teachers whatever she /he taught me or not. So why I will dedicate a song to teachers ?because ,as for me ,teacher is one of the holiest tasks! Nowadays, the responsibility of teacher is not teach student knowledge from the book merely; instead, is to bring student up in a right track ,make student capable enough to face all the odds of life and help student to pave the best way for themselves. How a incredible task it is !so I really want to express my thankful love to them

“YOU MAKE A DIFFERENT” which is the song I want to dedicate to teachers. Maybe most of you may feel confusing that which song I am talking about, so I would like to present it with my wonderful voice.” This song is for those Who inspire us today ,Who always lend a helping hand, To help show us the way, For that, we say thank you” This part of lyrics has already shown you that the theme of this song which is say thank you to who helped you ---teachers. Also, as my voice you can realize the tone of this song which is so uplifting and inspiring . moreover,the lyrics of this song without any metaphor, simile and personification which can help us to project our thankful love to teachers directly , those feature which I mentioned before are so suitable for this occasion which for us to project our love . Additionally . i would like to say something before I dedicate this song to teachers which is form the lyrics ;” I hope that you’re as proud of me, As I am proud of you”
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