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Topics: Advertising, Social network advertising, Ad filtering Pages: 4 (1553 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Advertising’s New Frontier
In 2011 more than 2.2 billion people got on the internet to check their Facebook, watch videos, or even emails. All of these activities are watched and monitored by different companies and firms. This is allowed due to the terms and agreement users accept to sign up for different websites. Companies now account for over 15% of their spending toward online advertising (Nasir 62). The companies spend this money for different types of advertising that all users have seen such as, Pop-up windows, Pop-under windows, and banners along the sides of the screen. Each one of these advertisements is there for a reason. Companies monitor website activity and searches to see what users are clicking on. Some websites even monitor a user’s browsing history, where and how many clicks on the page and time spent on certain sections of the website (Dai 778). Back in 2005 firms put more than 10 billion dollars for online advertising in the United States, and that number has increased exponentially today (McCoy 84). With the quick growth of online advertising, the production of ads must be done correctly, the market must be chosen for most sucess, and the privacy of the users needs to be respected for the growth to continue.

Developing an online ad is very similar to an offline ad. A firm needs to decided what demographic they would wish to appeal too and make an ad that works for their needs, but there are some other criteria that online ads must follow. Since online ads are constantly running the need to change them is very prevalent, and with this change the firm needs to keep a few things in mind. First is that the bigger the ad does not mean the ad is going to be successful. Unlike offline advertisements online advertisements are not rated on success by the number of views it gets. Online ads are judge on success by the number of clicks the ad receives. Secondly more sparkle, shine, and showman ship needs to be put into the ads....
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