You Killed Wesley Payne

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  • Published : May 30, 2012
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Dalton Rev is a teenage private investigator in high school with a serious case to crack. Macy Payne has hired Dalton to find out who killed her brother. After he gets this investigation assigned to him, he gets interrupted about his mission by the principal and finds a second case and it is to figure out $100,000 worth of rackets had been stolen.

Wesley Payne was found dead, wrapped in duct taped and hanging from a goal post at the Salt River High School football field. It becomes apparent to Dalton very soon that Wesley's death is not the suicide it was set up to look like one. Salt River High is out of control with two raging cliques that want to rule the school, the Balls and the Pinker Caskets, and the various fringe and hangers-on cliques. The Fack Cult T is more than willing to look the other way as long as their price is met. The only thing that keeps the school from full scale violence is the looming threat of the Lee Harvies, who thwart violence with the threat of violence. This is going to be a tough case for Rev to crack by himself. The entire book rev is bribing people and never fought to get what he wanted. He just kept spending away all his money. “Or haven’t you noticed? The only thing that matters is to act like you don’t care. And don’t say a word. Something really bad happens? Pretend it doesn’t exist. Move on. Keep working the rackets. I mean, there’s people shooting off the rooftops, for Bob’s sake, and it’s like, hey, just another day in geography class.” (pg. 64)
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