You Have Enough Money to Purchase Either a House or a Business. Which Would You Choose to Buy? Give Specific Reasons to Explain Your Choice

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  • Published : April 20, 2011
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If I had enough money, I would purchase a business, not a house. A house is only a place to live, but a business is much more. With a business, I could earn enough money to buy a house and do other things as well. I could travel, for example, and I could help my family, too.

1 have always wanted to buy a house, and a business would make this possible. With a business I would earn enough money to buy a house. It might not happen right away, but after a few years in the business, I am sure I would have enough money. Then I would have both a business and a house.

After I buy my house, I could use my money to travel. I would like to visit other countries. With a business, I could earn enough money to do this. I might also travel for business. I might have to go to other countries to attend conferences or meet clients. One way or another, a business would give me the chance to travel. One of my goals is to help my family. My parents don't own a house. With a businf! ss, I could help them buy one. I could also take care of them when they get older. I would also like to be able to send them on a trip. If I had a good business, I could help my parents in all these ways.

A house isjust one thing, but a business is so much more. A good business would give me the opportunity to buy a house, travel, and help my parents. Buying a business is an investment for the future.
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