You Don't Know Me: John and His Confusing Life

Pages: 3 (1261 words) Published: November 3, 2012
The book "You Don’t Know Me" is not your average book. It has many twists and turns in it. It has to do with a teenager who finds himself in a lot of crazy situations. The main characters are John, Gloria, Violet Hayes, Mr. Steenwilly, the man who is not John’s father (that’s what John calls him), and his mother (she is not names either). You Don’t Know Me is about John and his confusing life. If you don’t read it, you should since it’s an amazing book.

John is a fourteen year old boy who lives with his mother and her boyfriend, the man who is not John’s father. John is the protagonist in this novel. His real father just disappeared and left his mother alone, working in a factory to support herself and John. John has low self-esteem and it looks like he is in a state of denial since he constantly says things aren’t what they are. For example, he calls the school that he goes to anti-school instead of just calling it school. He calls it this because he believes school is a place where people learn and his “anti-school” doesn’t teach anything. It’s pretty complicated if you ask me. John hates algebra, he plays a tuba which he thinks is a frog, and he has a crush on the prettiest girl in the school named Gloria who he has nicknamed Glory Hallelujah. He gives many people nicknames like Bill Beanman, he named him Billy Beezer on account for his gigantic nose. He calls his algebra teacher (Mrs. Gabriel) Mrs. Moonface because of her pasty complexion. This name will come back to haunt John later on in the book. In the book you can tell that John is a sarcastic guy but you can’t blame him for that. All John wants is the man who is not his father to go away, to get Gloria to go out on a date with him, and basically for his mother to pay more attention to him. All these things happen but they all come with a price. For some of these, the price isn’t all that bad but for one, he may wish he had never asked for this before.

Gloria, or Glory Hallelujah, is a beautiful...
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