You Decide Utilitarian Ethics

Topics: Decision theory, Risk, English-language films Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: September 29, 2012
As the lead surgeon and the sole decision maker for all transplant cases, I have a dilemma on my hands. I had just received a call and was notified that a heart has become available for a transplant. I currently have 3 patients that are candidates for this heart. Time is of the essence; therefore I have decided to give the heart to Jerry, a 55 year old, married and father of 3 children.

I believe Jerry is the best candidate for the transplant because of his overall situation. As I mentioned before, he is only 55 years old, married and has 3 dependent children, the youngest with special needs. His wife does not have a higher education and does not have a carrier. With that said, she will have a difficult time providing for herself and their children. Jerry does not have a strenuous job and is eligible for retirement in 5 years and then he can take it easy. Even though his bad heart is a result of self-inflicted steroid use during his early 20’s, the dangers associated with that use were not fully known. Since then, he has changed his life style and has a family that depends on him. With this transplant, he can live another 10 -15 years and I do not see any ill effects of him receiving this new heart and the fact that he is currently here awaiting this procedure, he can be prepped and ready to go by the time the heart arrives at the hospital making him the perfect choice.

Lisa would be my preferred choice because of her age, 12 years old, and the fact that she has been living health issues all of her life and she has a lot to live for. Due to a battle with pneumonia a year ago, her heart was damaged and actually stopped, but because of her mother’s quick thinking, and ability to perform CPR, her life was spared. A few issues I do have with her situation are the facts that she is not currently here in the hospital and is not in immediate danger. Also, her father is an oncologist here in this hospital, and he has offered $2 million to the hospital for...
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