You Decide: Leonard Cooper Charter School

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  • Published : August 8, 2011
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Running head: YOU DECIDE

You Decide: Leonard Cooper Charter School
Carmelita McNeill
DeVry University, Charlotte

This is paper on Leonard Cooper Charter School networking and print server. I will explain the problem and offer a solution to the situation. There are several in finding a resolution to resolve the issues. The first step requires interviewing the stakeholders of Leonard Cooper Charter School to hear the problems of the current system. This will help with determining what the network should be doing and how to go about getting it done.

Current Issues

After interviewing the Stake holders of the Leonard Cooper Charter School the following issues was noted: 1. The first issue: ‘the print server. There are issues with management of print jobs and collisions on the print server. They need to go from a half duplex to a full duplex Ethernet network. In a half duplex Ethernet network, a collision is the result of two devices on the same Ethernet network attempting to transmit data at exactly the same time. The network detects the "collision" of the two transmitted packets and discards them both. Collisions are a natural occurrence on Ethernets. Ethernet uses Carrier Sense Multiple Access/ Collision Detect (CSMA/CD) as its method of allowing devices to "take turns" using the signal carrier line. When a device wants to transmit, it checks the signal level of the line to determine whether someone else is already using it. If it is already in use, the device waits and retries, perhaps in a few seconds. If it isn't in use, the device transmits. However, two devices can transmit at the same time in which case a collision occurs and both devices detect it. Each device then waits a random amount of time and retries until successful in getting the transmission sent. (, 1998)

2. The second issue: Speed of the network. They are not operating at a speed that is equipped to handle the objective of the business. They are...
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