You Decide Assignment

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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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You Decide Assignment
As a company grows , changes and new policies are created to fit the fast pace industry that we live in today. And as a part of your IT staff, I've collected some information that can help the company, with implementing a new policy when it comes with computer use. From legal reasons, virus attacks, to our network systems and services, we all need to be aware and cautious about this as a whole. The material I'll be covering today will include all of the issues brought up by our CEO, CFO, and General Manager. In addition, an explanation on general use ownership, security and proprietary information, and unacceptable use, will be discussed.

The first policy I will be talking about is the general use and ownership. There are four major parts in this policy that are significant to its ruling. The first being that the "Company's network administration desires to provide a reasonable level of privacy, users should be aware that the data they create on the corporate systems remains the property of the company" (, 2010). The company has the ownership of the equipment that the employees are using, any information that the employees leave in the system is considered to be the company's property. Employees need to practice good judgment on what to save in the company system. Next, any information that is important to the company and considered to be vulnerable needs to be encrypted. This will prevent any sensitive information to be stolen, and will keep any data protected. Third, the company has the option to run an audit with its respected networks and systems. It's a procedure that is used to ensure that all policies are met and followed. And lastly, "Employees are responsible for exercising good judgment regarding the reasonable of personal use"(Merkow, 2005, p. 377). From email usage, to data entry, as a company, employees are responsible for our own awareness, and be cautious about what we're doing.

The next policy...
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